Step 1 – Required Information

When submitting a policy to Q Capital Strategies the following information is required:

(Download a state-specific application by selecting your state from the list – shown below under Step 2.)


An application for settlement must be completed by the seller and/or insured. The application includes life insurance, medical, and policy information release forms.

Medical Information Release

A medical information release form must be signed by the insured.

Life Insurance Policy Information Release

A life insurance information release form must be signed by the policy owner(s).

Medical Records/APS

We require the insured(s) to complete medical records covering the past five (5) years. Records from all doctors and health care facilities must be included. Please contact us if you require additional information on collecting medical records, or if you would like us to do so for you.

In-Force Illustration

An in-force illustration is a summary of the financial characteristics of a life insurance policy. The illustration must be obtained from the issuing insurance company (usually it is best to contact your life insurance agent to get the fastest service). The illustration should be run with “level premiums such that the policy values are equal to zero” at the policy maturity date.

Life Expectancy Report

If available, a life expectancy report should be submitted. When submitted with a case file, the review process is greatly expedited.

Once a staff member reviews the submitted information we will be able to determine whether or not your client is a candidate for a life settlement.  Also, you should fill out the Policy Qualification Questionnaire to see if you life insurance policy is will suited for a life settlement.

Step 2 – Download State Specific Forms

Choose the state of the Seller’s residence to download the appropriate application form.

Step 3 – Submit Policy

To submit a policy by email:
(please attach completed electronic documents to your email)

To submit a policy by mail, please address the package to:

Q Capital Strategies, LLC
Attention: Policy Submissions
2424 N. Federal Highway
Suite 460
Boca Raton, FL 33431

Please contact a Q Capital representative at (800) 544-2145 if you have any questions or require any further assistance.