The secondary life insurance market has created a new financial product and an opportunity for financial advisors, insurance agents, accountants, and attorneys to reevaluate their clients’ financial options. In the financial planning business, advisors for the policy owner are transacting more life settlements than ever before as life settlements are quickly becoming one of the most effective and versatile products to offer senior clientele. Life settlements are becoming increasingly popular and discussing this new financial alternative with your client has now become an obligation and fiduciary responsibility, especially when your clients’ policy may lapse or surrender.

A top priority of Q Capital is to provide you with an accurate understanding of the industry, to ensure greater efficiency, productivity, transparency, and proper representation of your client. As the policy owner’s closest knowledgeable advisor on life settlements, it is paramount you conduct financial evaluations of your clients’ insurance policies. With our educational tools, supportive, knowledgeable, and available staff assisting you at every turn, getting started is easier than ever.

Why Broker?

  • Introduce an innovative financial product to meet changing needs of senior clientele
  • Increase customer satisfaction, retention, and referrals
  • Strengthen client relationships
  • Uphold your fiduciary responsibility obligation and further service your clients’ needs through your clients’ purchase of new insurance that better suits their current needs.
  • Additional source of revenue / develop new revenue streams
  • Stake out a leadership position in an emerging and important market

Q Capital is currently one of the most aggressive buyers of policies in the market. We have many large institutional funding sources that deliver the highest possible offer to policy holders. Each funding source has different purchasing parameters which allows us to bid on a wide range of policies. Q Capital conducts the bidding process in a quick and honest method assuring the broker they received the highest bid from the start.

We have developed our own proprietary system “QUOTE” that streamlines the purchase, management, collection, and sale of life insurance policies. This brings a new level of automation, transparency, and efficiency not yet experienced by brokers or offered by providers. QUOTE enables the Q Capital to:

  • Price policies quickly and accurately and generate quotations
  • Digitize all files related to policies
  • Restrict access to protected personal information
  • Provide transparency of our process to all parties
  • Monitor compliance and anti-fraud matters
  • Track policies, including determining the cost of insurance (premium payments), estimating market value, monitoring diversity and performance, and analyzing cash flows
  • Analyze actual portfolio performance at maturity

Working with us means you’re working with the best. Let Q Capital put its experience to work by appraising your client’s policy today. See example Case Studies from recently completed sales.