The life settlement market is regulated on a state level by the state’s insurance department. The resident state of the life insurance policy owner has jurisdiction over the sale of a life insurance policy. Thus, as with an insurance carrier, each state may have varying licensing and regulatory requirements for a life settlement. Currently, 34 states/jurisdictions require a company to be licensed or registered to purchase a life insurance policy in the secondary market. Ultimately, Q Capital expects that all states will require companies, such as Q Capital, to be licensed or registered to conduct a life settlement transaction. Q Capital is fully licensed or registered as a life settlement provider in 30 states and is able to purchase policies in 47 states and the District of Columbia. See our Eligible States page for information on the states where Q Capital is currently purchasing policies.

Through the focused efforts of our General Counsel, Q Capital has been at the forefront in cooperating with LISA, NCOIL and the NAIC to develop and promote suitable legislation ensuring the long-term health and growth of the life settlement market.