Q Capital has a track record of satisfied customers. As a result of working with highly regarded professionals – case after case – Q Capital has delivered outstanding financial results for the policy holder. Take a look at the extraordinary results the team at Q Capital has achieved.

Case 1

71 year-old female with a $3,000,000 policy. There was no cash value in the policy and her next premium was going to be $89,580. She didn’t want to pay the high premium and since there was no cash value in the policy, she would be forced to let the policy lapse, thereby losing all the investment in premiums she had paid to date. Her financial advisor suggested she consider selling her policy, as a means to recover some of her premium investment. Q Capital purchased her policy for $435,000.

Case 2

73 year-old male insured on a $2,500,000 policy. This was a key-man policy owned by his former employer that was not needed when he retired. The policy had no cash value and rather than let the policy lapse without value the company decided to pursue selling the policy. Q Capital bought the policy for $370,000.

Case 3

76 year-old male insured on a $1,002,592 policy. This policy was owned by a family life insurance trust and was no longer needed. There was only $2,592 cash value in the policy that the trust had owned since 1988, and the monthly cost of insurance was going to cause the policy to lapse soon. Since the policy was not needed, the trust didn’t want to pay the next premium of $37,504. The trustee decided to sell the policy and Q Capital paid the trust $116,000 for the policy.

Case 4

74 year-old female with a $1,000,000 policy that was owned by herĀ four children. The policy had no cash value and was in danger of lapsing if a premium of $33,300 wasn’t paid. The family members didn’t want to pay the premium, but neither did they want to lose their premium investment over the years since 1995. Their financial advisor suggested selling their policy. Q Capital purchased the policy and paid each owner $45,000 or a sum total of $180,000 for the policy.